Prof Jarno Limnéll

Prof Jarno Limnéll

Aalto University


Jarno Limnéll is Professor of Cyber Security at Aalto University, Finland, and an adjunct professor at three other Finnish universities. He also works for a private company. He has been working with security issues for over 20 years, and has a profound understanding of the global threat landscape, combined with the courage to address the most complex issues. Professor Limnéll has published a comprehensive list of works on security issues. His most recent book is entitled: Are you scared? Young people and the future of security.

Artificial Intelligence Beyond Bytes – Implications to Security and Society

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Artificial intelligence and new technologies are bringing revolution not evolution. Security implications of AI go beyond 24/7 surveillance and autonomous robots fighting each other. These developments will change the provision of security in times of peace, war, and everything in-between. Societies are calling on their governments to act, so there is an urgent need for […]