Prof Benjamin Newell

Prof Benjamin Newell

Deputy Head of the School of Psychology, University of New South Wales


Ben Newell is Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Deputy Head of the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. His research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying judgment, choice, and decision-making and the application of this knowledge to environmental, medical, financial, and forensic contexts. He has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters and is the primary author of Straight Choices: The psychology of decision making­ – a book described by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman as “a rare combination – an enjoyable read that beginners will like and a serious text that scholars will study”.

Professor Newell has worked with industry and government partners on projects including climate change communication, retirement wealth-planning, and child protection. His work adopts experimental and computational methods to assess how people make decisions, and casts a critical eye on bold claims about the powers of the unconscious. His work has been discussed in various media outlets including TIME Magazine, The Guardian, BBC, ABC, and WIRED Magazine. Professor Newell also regularly writes for the online newspaper The Conversation on topics including risk-taking, ‘nudging’ behaviour, intuition, and the psychology of climate change.



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