Ms Dagnija Lejina

Ms Dagnija Lejina

Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Freedom Festival


Dagnija Lejina is a communications professional with a special interest in technologies, start-ups, and community engagement. She is co-founder of the boutique reputation management company “Lejina and Sleiers” and the co-founder and CEO of the tech, start-up, corporate, policy, and lifestyle multi-event festival “Digital Freedom Festival”. Ms Lejina is an active advocate of the start-up movement; she is the co-founder of Riga Venture Summit and board member of the Latvian Start-up association.

Prior to that Ms Lejina was heading communications in the biggest Nordic bank – Nordea – in Latvia, as well as coordinating communications in Poland and the Baltics. She gained experience in public affairs while serving as Press Secretary and Communications Advisor to the Latvian Foreign Minister after Latvia joined NATO and the EU.

Ms Lejina is a regional coordinator for the European Association of Communications Directors (EACD). She also established an NGO, Nordic Reputation Hub, which organises an international conference “Reputation Time”. She has won numerous prestigious awards in the field of communications, including an award for the best communications professional in the private sector. As one of the UK government’s Chevening scholars, Ms Lejina graduated from the London School of Economics where she received an MSc in Politics and Communications.

The Idea that Sells. What Makes It Great?

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There are ideas that easily gather supporters and there are those that never gain the desired traction. Sometimes saleable ideas are not the brightest ones and even bring harm. Some ideas are too great for their time. What is it that makes an idea saleable in political and government communications? How is that different from marketing techniques […]