Mr Ramsay Brown

Mr Ramsay Brown

Chief Operations Officer, Boundless Mind, Inc.

United States

Ramsay Brown is a Neurotechnologist, Strategy Consultant, and Futurist Philosopher. An emerging leader in Persuasive Technology & AI, Ramsay’s work explores how neuroscience and AI can be used to help people, businesses, and societies flourish.

Mr Brown holds a master’s degree in Neuroinformatics from the University of Southern California’s Brain Architecture Center, where he pioneered a Google Maps for the Brain. Now he is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at, where he and his team are leading the edge of Persuasive Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Design. You can find his work in TIME Magazine, the BBC, CBC60 MinutesThe Guardian, and Gentleman’s Quarterly.


“Loss of Free Will”: Can Humans Stay in Charge?

Main Stage

Modern society was built on the idea that educated and empowered human beings are the source of progress and development. But what happens when computers are becoming increasingly intelligent and powerful? Power and knowledge seem to increasingly reside in networks beyond individual human understanding and control. Does this threaten the ability of individuals to shape society for the […]