Mr Eric Applewhite

Mr Eric Applewhite

Director for Technology and Transformation at KPMG UK

United Kingdom

Eric Applewhite has over 20 years’ experience leading and coordinating IT advisory engagements across the Public Sector, focusing in Health and Government sectors.  He has served as project leader responsible for planning, budgeting, execution, and delivery of software implementations. He has led implementations or performed Project Assurance on over 1 billion dollars’ worth of large scale IT projects.

Mr Applewhite has a robust understanding of digital enablers for effective data-sharing and analytics and pairs this with an extensive knowledge of the relevant Information Governance regulations and privacy requirements. He has spent the past 10 years helping clients in the areas of data governance and management, and information sharing.

Most recently Mr Applewhite has focused on the importance of data sharing as a prerequisite for joining up place-based public services that many authorities across North America and the UK are seeking to create as they respond to ever more restricted budgets and the need to demonstrate truly joined-up collaboration to better serve the public through predictive analytics and better digital access.

He has helped clients establish two of the highest performing data sharing collaboratives in the UK using data governance and information sharing design as a lever to achieve unprecedented levels of data collaboration. He serves as a national subject matter expert on information sharing within KPMG and is a member of KPMG International’s Data Governance Thought Leadership Editorial Board speaking extensively on data strategy, regulation, and governance.

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