Dr Ofer Fridman

Dr Ofer Fridman

Lecturer, Department of War Studies, King's College London


Dr Ofer Fridman is Director of Operations at the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications and a Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Dr Fridman’s research interests include Strategic Studies and Strategic Communications with a specific focus on the history of Russian military and political thought and its expression in contemporary Russia’s behaviour in international affairs.
Prior to embarking on an academic career, he served in the Israeli Defence Forces for 15 years.

His most recent publication is Russian ‘Hybrid Warfare’: Resurgence and Politicisation, (Hurst, 2018).

Public Discussion “Russian Influence Activities in the Digital Space and Beyond”

Hotel Bergs

Russian influence activities conducted via digital media are used not only to strengthen Kremlin, but also aid its foreign policy ventures. Not sharing the values of democracy and a free-market economic system, the Kremlin has developed dissemination tools (bots, trolls) to exploit freedoms protected by these systems. Russia, over the past three years, has conducted […]