Dr Katie Woodward

Dr Katie Woodward

Principal Psychologist, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Great Britain

Katie Woodward is currently a Principal Psychologist working in the Human and Social Sciences Group at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Hampshire, UK. Her research interests are predominantly in social-psychological attitudes and influence. Dr Woodward combines a research career in a government laboratory with teaching, through visiting lecture positions and independent research. She is also a member of the NATO Science and Technology Organisation (STO), representing the UK on the Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel with a particular emphasis on Social Behaviour.

Dr Woodward completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Plymouth in Devon, UK, and went on to study for her doctoral degree within the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology (ICRFP) at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

“Loss of Free Will”: Can Humans Stay in Charge?

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