World of Wordcraft – Why the Military Needs to Care about Strategic Communications

Main Stage

The world is encountering new fundamental changes in the information environment. These recent developments can be attributed to shifts in information consumption habits in our societies – sophisticated communications technologies are rapidly changing the way
people access, use, and exchange information. This, in turn, is changing our societies, our institutions, and the way our adversaries operate in our countries and beyond.

As these changes have become one of the top challenges for the military leadership today, it is necessary to reconsider the military’s modus operandi and contemplate the following key questions: Can existing military decision-making processes overcome the challenges
and exploit the opportunities found in the omni-present information environment? How can the military improve understanding and use of com-munication effects, and integrate them with traditional capabilities during Allied operations (bridging the say-do gap)? Is mission
command applicable in communication – empowering all our soldiers to com-municate about our missions in a coherent way?