The Riga StratCom Dialogue Conference is organised by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (further – NATO StratCom COE) based in Riga.

The NATO StratCom COE is a multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international organization. It is not part of the NATO Command Structure, or subordinate to any other NATO entity.

The mission of the NATO StratCom COE is to contribute to the Alliance’s communication processes by providing comprehensive analyses, timely advice, and practical support. Besides research projects and training for governments on strategic communication, the NATO StratCom COE has been developing expertise in understanding and countering hostile information activities by state and non-state actors.

The Centre’s advanced capability arises from multinational and cross-sector engagement and collaboration between the civilian, military, private, and academic sector. The organisation embraces the latest technologies, using virtual tools for analyses, research, and decision-making. At the heart of the NATO StratCom COE is a diverse group of international experts from military, government and academic backgrounds – trainers, educators, analysts, and researchers. One of its latest projects involved analysing the virtual environment by applying cutting-edge technologies and big data analysis tools. The NATO StratCom COE is also publisher of the academic journal “Defence Strategic Communications“, which showcases innovative thinking and research from practitioners, military experts, and academics in the field.

The NATO StratCom COE was initially founded by Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden joined the COE at a later stage. France, Canada and Slovak Republic are currently undergoing the joining process.

If you have further questions about the Riga StratCom Dialogue Conference, please contact Ms Zane Stala – [email protected]